Welcome to the Academic Communication Program

The Academic Communication Program of the Graduate College fosters excellence in the communication skills of developing scholars, enhancing the graduate and research missions of Iowa State University.

The program coordinates and implements opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral associates to master the necessary communication skills as they move toward the attainment of their academic and career goals. Our commitment to improving the sustainability and comprehensiveness of effective academic communication support is realized through identifying immediate needs and addressing them by offering new specialized services informed by scholarship of teaching, learning, and assessment of academic writing and speaking. We also strive to introduce cutting-edge technologies to enhance our services. 

A significant part of the program's formal assessment and instruction activities is to prepare international graduate students with teaching appointments for successful performance in a variety of instructional roles at Iowa State University.


Spring PRG Applications Open

English Consulting Now Open to all Graduate Students

Highlighted Resources

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Desk Reference (free ebook)
by Raymond L. Calabrese
How to Organize your Thesis
Prof. John W. Chinneck, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
A Guide to Dissertations
The Writing Center, UNC Chapel Hill
The Dissertation Calculator
University of Minnesota
Developing Effective Writing Habits & More
Writing Commons
Overcoming Writer’s Block
from The Graduate Writing Center at Penn State
Finding a Dissertation Topic
Andrew Rosser, University of Adelaide

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